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DTTOO plans, designs, develops, maintains and hosts websites for both customers in Sweden and abroad.

Behind the scenes at dittoo

This is me behind DITTOO

Fabiola Lau De Karlsson

I've been working with open sources for the past 12 years and as professional web designer and web developer for over 4 years, leading web development initiatives for mainly start-ups but even for already stablished companies.

A famous comment I like:

"The Web as I envisaged it, we have not seen it yet. The future is still so much bigger than the past.”

Tim Berners-Lee, inventor of the World Wide Web

Some web technologies I work with:

My experience is most on WordPress, Prestashop and Magento, all of them open sources.

However, I am able to manage teams of experts using other web technologies upon my clients’ requests and for more complex projects.

This, in order to collaborate on the website's conceptualization, the product development stages, and the monitor of the website's live deployment.

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